Pelee Mums
Welcome to Layser's Flowers
Featuring Pelee Mums, Seed Garlic, Ornamental Peppers, Christmas Cactus, Kalanchoe, Cyclamen, Ornamental Kale / Cabbage, Ornamental Millet, Pumpkins, Gourds and a Good Selection Perennials, Herbs, Fern Baskets, Decorated Plants, African Violets and a Large Selection of Foliage Plants and Succulents.
Visit us and check out our large selection of gift items like Stunning Jewelry, Luxury Soaps, Silk Arrangements, Colorful Wreaths, Silk Centerpieces, Stuffed Animals, Clothing, Balloons, Frames, Garden Seeds, Candles, Collectables, Cards, and So Much More.

Hours are Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM, Saturday 9 AM to 4 PM we are closed Sunday.

Layser's is located along route 422 west of Myerstown at 501 West Washington Ave. For a map and directions click here.

We have seed Garlic Heads available for planting now.  Plant the cloves in October and harvest the new garlic heads in July.  There are three kinds to choose from.  They are all Hardneck varieties.  German White, Italian Red or Music. 

Our 9,000 Sq.Ft. Foliage House
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